Saturday, December 01, 2007

Customer Support: Axle3D and MSI Taiwan

I am very often complain about bad customer support.

Now I want to point out 2 companies/devisions that are doing better than all the others.

Axle3D and MSI's Taiwan HQ.

Usually, the main problem is that I have questions arising that require a certain background of knowledge or involvement of the technical support deparment involved.

Unfortunately, many devisions of the MSI support are either:

-lacking of knowledge
-proving wrong information
-giving up helping you and stop replying to you.

The manuals of my current motherboard had so many errors and the BIOS was so much bugged that I was just on my wits' end. I wrote to MSI Taiwan as my last resort and they replied.
Since then, I write my questions directly to Taiwan.

The people there are pretty fast, helpful, enjoying themselves and sometimes even somewhat funny :) Thanks guys!

Another very positive example is Axle3D whose technical support can be reached by emailing to tech[at]

They are very skilled with a bunch of knowledge and reply within 24h to any question I sent.

Those 2 very important experiences made me confidental to stick with MSI and also to try out Axle3D this time.

Thanks guys! Keep it up!

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