Thursday, November 22, 2007

Windows Vista (X64) - good or bad - one year passed

One year of Vista has passed. I have found 2 interesting posts. One saying that it sucks very much, another one saying that it is the best way to get MacOS-like experience for little money.

My catch? Windows Vista is really fun to use, even with only 1 GB of RAM and single core AMD64 3200+ CPU, however I cannot wait for the new multi-core CPU and a better system with 4 GB of RAM. This thing should rock the sky then. Anyway, Vista worked since the final (Use it since February) pretty well for me even with out any updated.

I have however to admit that the Performance and Reliability Packs have made it smoother and more applications work better with each new release.

The most I am disappointed about HardSID not releasing 64bit drivers and Leadtek not convincing the sound chip manufacturer of the PAL version of the LeadTek TVUSB 2 card to supply the source so they make a 64bit XP/Vista driver.


I seldom saw any BSOD and I seldom had any serious issues and it's cool that you can access system restore right from a graphical Vista boot DVD interface. Back in XP times if you couldn't access the Safe Mode, you were done with it and had to restore an image if nothing else helped.

On the software side I am very disappointed about freeware firewalls which were all either incompatible, or very bad to use and just a piece of trash! The situation changed when the Alpha of the Comodo Firewall came out (final is out since yesterday - download it!).

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Dorian Muthig said...

Hey, wherefor would you need an additional software firewall? The Vista Firewall does everything which is nessecary. Plus, a router does just fine, you can even disable it.

Nafcom said...


Well, the Vista firewall has for sure flaws and if not now then probably some hacker will find one and route around it. It's like with IE: The more people use it, the most hackers are interested in it.

Comodo has also a lot of extra features and protection barriers other firewalls don't. See: Comodo - Overview

Routers are nice, they allow alot of nice things like DoS attack prevention which Windows doesn't. Also the communication is handled port based, not application based.

A mixture of both, a good firewall and a good router (and of course a good anti virus) is the best. For additional protection, an anti spyware/adware solution is also not bad (e.g. Spybot).