Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another cool case

I have decided to not get the "Thermaltake Soprano", this Christmas (this is the one I already have, but I wanted it in black this time.

But then I found out I need something cheaper but it's anyway not in any way less cool: the Enermax Vostok which is about 30 € cheaper and has some nice stuff like a side with AirDuct on it for passive cooling. Also the front USB and audio are not behind a cover but easily accessable from the front. The above picture is from their download area for pics of this product. The Vostok is screwless just like the Soprano but it also has a motherboard tray which the Soprano doesn't.

The mirror-like front will be interesting :)

Ignore also the "Comming Soon!" as this beast is out in the shelves now, man, I am so excited! I will get the black/silver one! Yummi stuff! :)

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