Sunday, October 28, 2007

Darling, I've dumped your video

Roughly a year ago, when many blog related exchanges died, something new appeared and rumbled the house: BlogDumps. Now, they are back with yet another blog related project; Blogdumps Video! The duo Trina and Paul not only offer books, coffee, blog link exchanges but also video uploading now!

Again it's the Pisstakers explaining to us why BlogDumps Video is better than YouTube and Revver.

In an email to the duo I wrote: "Man, I really hope you won't
end up like YouTube who are too busy to troubleshoot their user's accounts and
reply to emails"

Good luck to them and thanks for all the support of the blogsphere with great enthuasm and care.

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Wolfbernz said...

Thanks for the kind words Nafcom. I like the new layout.
I will always be around to help a fellow blogger! Stopping by my place is the only time you will ever enjoy being

Nafcom said...

@Wolfbernz: You are welcome, you are just doing a great job! :)

Glad you like the new template aswell!