Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog categories: Good bye Technorati, welcome Blogger Search

My blog no longer uses Technorati for the categorization of my blog posts.

I have replaced the search engine from Technorati's search (which got messed up and they probably would rather die than fixing it) with the way better working Blogger search engine. Apart from the "ICQ" categories, the search results are displayed and compiled in the same window on the fly. (Pretty much like using labels).

A quick test of all categories turned out that they display fine - if you notice any disturbances or something you don't like, please let me know.

Technorati has something in common with Orkut: blind like a mole, and speedy like a snail. A good portion of emails are ignored and never replied to or they simply cannot help you. In rare cases, when they are good mooded or have a very exceptional bright day, they might get back to you and actually try and successfuly help you (whoo-hoo!). Anyway, I am done with Technorati forever and ever.

Swicki is a lot nicer as Ed - the Pisstaker already found out. okay, granted, once in a while an email gets slipped through too but 99% of them are replied to nicely and helpful and things got worked out (however, Opera still troubles them, please fix soon!). Most of my emails got reply by Trini from Swicki, a thanks to Trini from this place to her! :)

Granted, Technorati and Orkut got a support forum to be able to manage the huge amount of emails. Did any of them succeeed? No they didn't!.

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Ed said...

technorati boo, swicki cheers!!

Anonymous said...

now I stay tuned..