Sunday, September 23, 2007

Orkut's new Help Group - will it actually help me?

I just read on the Orkut Blog that they just opened a Orkut Help Group which is even moderated and watched by the Orkut Team according to them:

"The orkut Help Group is a forum where the knowledgeable and the curious meet to discuss orkut. You can post about your favorite features, tell us your suggestions, and find out what others are saying. From complex questions to new features to bug fixes, anyone can post a question or response on an innumerable array of topics. Think of it as one big orkut community: It’s a one-stop shop for you to visit and share your comments about orkut with everyone.

An especially nice thing about the help group is that you can get an answer in minutes or hours by anyone in the know, instead of having to wait in the huge queue of email messages our team sifts through each day. You'd be surprised at how helpful you all are to each other. In fact, we've got a group of volunteer helpers who have proved to be both expert orkut users and super-helpful question-answerers called"orkuteers." These folks are on hand to take almost any question you could have. In addition to learning from and sharing with others, you'll also see friendly orkut Guides (look for the cool Guide logo on our posts). Guides are Google employees who pop in to monitor the action, answer questions, tell you new features, and follow up on problems and bug reports."

I already sent tons of emails, airmail letters to Orkut and even made my problem public, but aapart from yadda-yadda emails I got no help, no fix from Orkut!

Now this is my last (maybe in vain?) try to get the Orkut Team fixing my problem. I have written my problem in the How Do I? section, with hope to get a working Orkut again!

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diana said...

i wish 2 join orkut but i can't till now .plz help me.i want 2 search my old plz exaplaine me how 2 join

Nafcom said...

@diana: Why you can't?
Everybody should be able to logging in with a Google Account. If you have no Google account, just click on join now below Orkut's login box

CDJITHIN said...


Nafcom said...

@CDJITHIN: Sorry, but I have no solution to this.

anjali said...

i have to close my google acount what i do plz answer me

Nafcom said...


The answer can be found here