Saturday, September 29, 2007

Opera Kestrel: My first experience

Weeks after the release of Opera Kestrel I can finally use and test it myself and it's even so stable that I decided to keep it on my PC here for daily use.

Major differences are the ability to search inside websites you have aready visited by entering just a word in the addresss bar.

Also faster is the moving of spam emails to the trash.

However, I have noticed a few issues (which I already reported):

1) The CPU load is very high, much higher than with the old Opera 9.23 final.
And the perfomance was never good on Vista X64 anyway! (bug#287972)

2) Opera doesn't really close when I decide to close it, it's sill stuck in task manager as running procces, I have to kill it manually, sometimes I even have to restart Vista (bug#288010)

3) I have a ghost email in Trash (bug#288011)

I want to thank Daniel Goldman and Tim Altman for their dedication and emails. Especially thanks to the emails with Tim, the bugs could be fixed and other problems and issues I had could be solved by his very helpful hints!

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