Thursday, September 13, 2007

News from Skype. SkypeIn, virus, 4 years

Quite a lot happened in the recent days for Skype.

1st of all, Skype became 4 years. As a user from the first public available version I am of course happy about this. With fun I remember the amazed reactions caused by the outstanding voice quality, eventhough at the beginning it still was only half-duplex, so you couldn't speak while the other party does the same.

Villu Arak wrote a a blog entry about this quoting the encouraging words of Skype's CEO Niklas Zennstroem.

Also, Mexico and Ireland got SkypeIn now! :)

And one problem I experienced too (not as somebody being infected but as somebody receiving such messages!) is the virus that spread over Skype messages. Skype updates about this case in the same entry too and is now "ctively engaging with domain owners to shut down malicious websites that are being used to spread the virus."

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