Friday, August 17, 2007

Skype - A questionnaire

According to Ike's Blog there is a student who started a questionnaire about Skype.

Quote from the Skype forum:

"Dear Skype user,

I am conducting a questionnaire as part of my master's dissertation to understand Skype users attitudes, behavioural intentions and their response to influence of other users or experts in relation to the Internet telephone Skype.

Your opinion is important in enabling me to obtain as full an understanding as possible of this topic.

It is a largely multiple choice based questionnaire, further instructions will be included in the questionnaire. The information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence. You will notice that you are not asked to include your name and address anywhere on the questionnaire.

The questionnaire should take you about ten minutes to complete.

The findings from your questionnaire and others will be used as the main data set for my dissertation and they also enable me to give future suggestions for Skype in issues covered in the questionnaire: how Skype can improve the service for your benefit.

The questionnaire can be found on the following address:

I hope you will find completing the questionnaire enjoyable.

Thank you very much for your help!"

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Anonymous said...

Forget Skype... go with damaka!!!

You will be much better off in the long run... trust me!


Nafcom said...


Thanks, but I am not interested...