Monday, August 27, 2007

ICQ 6 in Italian and Spanish

ICQ6 is out in Spanish and Italian since a while now. Suprisingly they are not branded!

They can be downloaded at ICQ Downloads.

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Charles said...

Hi Nafcom!

How are you?

wow... ICQ still need so much time to release other languages versions? Why this? :(

ICQ 6 still don't have a portuguese version. Do you know that Brazil have more than 30 million WLM/MSN users? More than any other country, including US. And, in past, ICQ was the most used messenger here...

ICQ will never come back to be what it was some years ago... It's sad, I tried to resist, but WLM is so better. Skype is so better. Even Yahoo is better. Gtalk? Maybe better too.

I hope to see you using another messenger! hehehe

See you...

All the best,

ps. sorry for my bad english

Nafcom said...


Thanks, I am fine, and you?

ICQ needed so much time most likely because such versions are branded clients made in co-op with ther partners, so they also rely on them.

Well, yep, just come online on Skype which is my primary one since February 2007.
So, I am already using another one as you see :)

Hope to see and hear you there!
All the best!