Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tagging is hip and cool!

Tagging is hip and cool this June. Because not just one but two people tagged me and this at the same time!

I have got tagged first by BlogDumps and then by Ike Roelfsema this weekend.

So according to the rules stated I shall tell 5 and 8 facts about me, best those who do not everybody yet know. So, that's making 13.

1. I don't drink
2. I don't smoke.
3. My longest contacts on the net are AJ and Martina.
4. Most of the times, I am looking stupid. You don't believe this? here is the proof! (Showing me with old DualPhone and headset supplied by the old RTX Dualphone Product Manager Carsten Helmuth).
5. I have a special music taste
6. My fave drink is Ginger Ale.
7. I am a die hard Command & Conquer fan.
8. If you are added to my contact list and marked as "friend" on Flickr you can see some trip pics which the others can't:
9. I didn't buy a PC since 2001 (I build them myself).
10. I am entering Mc Donalds only 1 time each year! And this year I have already been there!
11. Receiving paper cards from abroad is one of the best things on Christmas for me.
12. I never sent any parcel to abroad yet. Yet everything I sent to abroad did fit into an envelop, or a letter sized box.
13. The best blog ever is to my opinion The Beconfused Blog by Mr. Dew!

Okay, I have already tagged 6 people above, so here are the other 7:

1) Jaanus Kase, because he is one of the key figures of Skype and he sadly leaves now and Ike takes over.

2) Jean Mercier because his blog is the source for Skype related statistics!

3) Andrew Fisher, because he helped me the most when I was in C64 trouble and needed his opinion or help

4) Manuel Kahana, because he is even geekier than me! =)

5) Rea Maor because he already stated three times that he really really likes my blog

6) Ken Camp because he has the best IP related stuff on this planet on his blog

7) This blog because its owner blogged that seldom, that she already received emails asking whether she is dead or still ok and alive.

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Mr. Dew said...

Thanks for mentioning me, Nafcom!

Nafcom said...

@Mr. Dew: You are welcome! :)