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Epson Perfection 2480 Photo: Vista X64 drivers work in Windows XP X64!

Important: please read this post first as it contains important information regarding this post which is a continue.

Update: Epson re-did their homepage, they still kept the downloads like described in the below blog entry. This is the new download location. Thanks for Peter in the comments for pointing this out to me!

As we already know the drivers that work in Windows Vista X64 are very well hidden, I wounder what the reason for this is!

Infact I found out today that the same drivers also work in Windows XP X64!
Do not worry about the language of Epson Scan (driver & twain interface) you are about to download as all packages auto detect the language used and its setup routine will select the language to install which fits the most!

So, get the driver & twain interface package (Epson Scan): Epson Scan (at date: 3.0u)

Interesting though is, that the setup routine acts slightly different in Windows XP X64:

It will run and ask you to select the scanner used. Then it will ask for your permission to install the driver but without telling the device name. During the setup proccess, the setup program puts the driver into the driver catalog of Windows XP X64. Then it will ask you to restart Windows.
Having done this, Windows will say it found a new device and prompt you to select whether you want to search for the driver automatically now. And of course you say YES and let Windows do its job!

During this action, Windows will automatically find the driver and install it after another user prompt asking for permission - and VOILLA; the scanner is installed and works!

Here is the proof!:

I don't understand why Epson hides the drivers people like me requested and asked for since ages! And Epson is by far not the only one! Another example are drivers for HP printers

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Peter said...

Awesome! I had given up all hope almost a year ago and have been operating the scanner on an old 32 bit laptop since, swapping image files over LAN. Today I stumble upon this article and it works like a charm (note: link seems outdated, but the drivers are available from the 32bit Vista section). No idea what the heck is wrong with the folks at Epson. Thanks a billion times man!

Nafcom said...

@Peter: I am glad my blog post did help you! And thanks for pointing out the new download location, I have updated the post! :)

Anonymous said...

Cant thank you enough - just googled and found this blog and my scanner is now working! Well done.

Nafcom said...


No problem, glad I could help! :)

Anonymous said...

I am now in this same situation trying to get epson perfection 2480 photo scanner to work in win 7 64 bit. I am not entirely clear on the right procedure to follow. I have downloaded the german driver file as mentioned, and also note that epson has a 64 bit Easy Print software ver 3.1 that is supposed to work with win 7. do i use the original cd wiht software at all? do i use the vista 32 bit driver which epson's win 7 support page suggests even after selecting 64 bit win 7 version. Any guidance is appreciated

Nafcom said...

@Anonymous: You didn't read the first line of this post saying "important". you have downloaded the wrong driver.

If you follow the link to the other post you will read that it *must be* EPSON Scan (3.0u) posted on 31. January 2007

Nafcom said...

@Anonymous: Hello again,

There is a software suite shipped on CDs coming with the Epson scanners named "EPSON Smart Panel".
Whether you use it or not is your own personal choice. It is not required, you may use your own tools instead.
I haven't got its "Copy Utility 3" to run in Vista X64
Instead I use Photocopier Pro.

All the other programs in the suite ran fine for me.

All you need are the TWAIN drivers bundled with the application "EPSON Scan".

Also the front buttons on the scanner might not work in Vista X64 and Windows 7 X64

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for your help on this. I have been successful in getting this scanner to work in ?Windows 7 64 bit edition. As you say, the copy utility does not work. I have decided not to use the smart scan software - I did not feel it added much and am also surprised the ABBYT Fine Reader 5.0 works ok for character recognition. I don't have much need for it but it it sometimes useful. I suppose you or others have tested the German forms of the copy utility or smart scan and assuming they exist, don't resolve the copy utility issue. I expect to find some freeware that will do the job or can easily manage as is. Greatly appreciate your quick responses over the past days.

Nafcom said...

@ Anonymous: You are welcome, I am glad I could help.

No, I didn't check any forums on the issues, I have figured it out all by myself and to help others I posted about it on my blog.

The older version of the copy tool I have mentioned was freeware.

If there is anyhting else I can do, feel free to ask.

Anonymous said...

NAFCOM - One more update - I have found the copy utility that works in windows 7 64 bit also on the German Epson site. It is Epson Copy Utility version 3.50.00, dated Dec 8, 2008. It is on the same page as the 3.0u driver. So now I and perhaps others are set. I wonder whether Epson is aware of all this. Here is the cumbersome link

Thanks again.

Nafcom said...

@Anonymous: Thank you, great! I will check that out! :)

Jinky said...

Windows 7 64-bit: I got my 2480 to work with vuescan which is a generic scanner software, but it didn't scan transparencies properly. So I uninstalled vuescan and am attempting to use the Epson drivers. No matter which version I use (EU, US, vista32, vista64, win7-64, win7-32) it always installs driver ver. and Epson Scan will not start. Any ideas?

Nafcom said...

@Jinky: send me an email and I will send you the driver I use and which works!

Anonymous said...

Was frustrated that my Epson 2480 Scanner wouldn't work in Window 7 64bit. Was about to buy a new scanner, but did an internet search, found your blog and Presto! Downloaded EPSON Scan (3.0u) through another internet search ( and it works! You are the best! Thanks!

Nafcom said...

@Anonymous: Glad it helped, thanks for your feedback! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Like others I was about to give up on finding a driver for windows 7 64-bit when I came upon your blog. So EASY!!! Thank you once again! :-)