Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What's up with this crappy blog?

"What's up with this crappy blog?", may ask one or another regular reader of my blog, seeling among "Contributors" Mr. Dew. No, we are not siblings or so =)
He just offered me to pimp my blog's template.

I would say we are some kind of blogging pals or so. It turns out I am the commenter number one on his blog and he comments the most on mine, too.
Actually, I hope that after his military service we will speak a bit more by IM again.

Anyways, if you find the blog looks strange at times, it's not my fault this time! =)

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Mr. Dew said...

I'm a little busy these days going in and out of camp, I will work on your layout though, hahaa... And I notice I have a technorati tag.

I'll be out on June 8, 2007. Let's look forward to that!

I won't be doing anything "live" on your blog, Nafcom. And before I update, I'll tell you first!

Nafcom said...

@Mr. Dew: No, I am aware of that, so no worries :) Anyway, you are invited now and have access already. And you are welcome for the tag! :)