Friday, May 25, 2007

resell Skype - open now. & Small Business Pack

Skype allows now companies to resell Skype vouchers for them. More info about that on, you will get a discount on the packages of 5% or something.

They also have got a Skype "Small Business Pack to sale to you.

Info on that one:
"Get Skype for your business for only €99+VAT.

The Small Business Pack for Skype can slash your communication costs and transform the way you do business.

Get this:
-Latest Skype for Business software.
-€50 of Skype Credit.
-10 Skype Pro™ subscriptions worth €120 – get local and national phone calls and pay nothing per minute¹.
-Getting started CD and Tips and Tricks Guide.

Only €99 (excl. VAT) - total pack value is €170

Plus all this:
-Free Skype-to-Skype calls to anyone else, anywhere in the world.
-Central credit allocation – allow one administrator to distribute credit to colleagues.
-Make international calls from as little as 1.7 cents a minute.
-Send SMS messages to your clients/customers/contacts on the move.
-Free 10 person Skype-to-Skype conference calls.
-Set up call forwarding so you never miss another call.
-See who you are talking to with free video calls."

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