Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nabaztag/Tag German version for order

Update:Violet, the creator of the Nabaztag stated in a comment to this blog post that the info I have got from both mail traders is not correct.

I am sorry for this and I forwarded the reply of Violet to both mail traders!


It appears that the Nabaztag/tag German version can be ordered now at madillo.tv.

The others sell the English version to my knowledge - which will be - according to DigiTrends! updateable through a software update which will be available for free for registered users from www.nabaztag.com, later this summer.

I have ordered the English version myself and since I prefer English anyway, I will stick with it!

I am not giving any warranties that the info is correct, I am just repeating what I have been told!

If anybody knows more about this, please send an email!

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Violet said...


The information is not completely correct. The language is not built-in the rabbit but managed on the server side.
So there is not really an english or french or german version of the rabbit. All rabbits in the world (including the former version of the Nabaztag) will be able to speak all languages as soon as they are available on the website.

Nafcom said...



I am sorry for the wrong info on my blogpost! I want to thank you for reading my blog and commenting and correcting me. I find it strange that both gave me the same wrong info!

I have corrected them and informed them by forwarding your statement. I hope it will be of any help!

I will also correct my blogpost and link to your comment.