Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Good bye SPH101, welcome F1PP000GN-SK!

R.I.P my dear SPH101, which died a scary death of hardware failure and the unsuccessful try to recover it re-applying the firmware. (Which caused the phone to not boot up anymore after switching it on again).

Luckily, Amazon took it back without a hassle (thanks!) and transfered my money back.
For this I bought the Belkin Skype wi-fi phone which hears on the gay name "F1PP000GN-SK"!

It is almost the same hardware like the WSKP100 from SMC except one supports Boingo and the other one Fon.

At least my Belkin one seems to have still the echo issue a bit (but I am working on that with Belkin support now which seems to be very skilled and friendly and helpful (at least the one from Germany!).

But even then I still can use a headset with it! Many asked which headset it supports! The one suppported is Sennheiser MM30.

So the SPH101 category is dead now! Long life to the F1PP000GN-SK one! :)

Sennheiser started to officially support Skype phones so they will be put into their selector they have told me on Skype just 10 mins ago

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Rainyuki said...

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Nafcom said...

@Rainyuki: Yes, I noticed that already (to whom of you 2 am I actually speaking?)

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