Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finally, I have got a pet!

Finally, I have got myself some hands on a pet, finally, Nafcom is a pet owner.

It welcomed me with the words on paper: "You Have Adopted A Rabbit. A New Life Begins !"

Oh yeah?

It's a quite unique rabbit and it can do more than what it looks like! It's pretty powerful! (and looking very kitschy, I have to admit).

He has even got an own Wikipedia entry :)
(Their external links are also available in English)

Only downside yet: I am still waiting for the WLAN USB card.

Thanks to NabazTag Support and the mail trader DigiTrends! for all the pre-sales support and making things easy for me!

One of my best experiences so far!

On the sidepanel, I will add a new category for the rabbit, so watch out for future posts regarding it! :)

The Skype Blog has a new demo video and entry showing it in action! :) It can do a lot more of course, too! :)

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Mr. Dew said...

I thought you had a real pet!

Nafcom said...

@Mr Dew.: Sorry, to disappoint you! :P