Sunday, April 29, 2007 is down has been put down by Jan Geirnaert because he received a letter by Skype lawyers asking him to do so. They gave him a slap on his hands for using "Skype" inside his blog's URL. Just a question of time maybe till others will receive similar emails?

His blog is now accessable at

A quote of the email he received can be read at this post.

A bit weird if you think about it noticing that other IM/voice companies often do not do it but like when people do -easy to find- promotion for their service. Maybe it was becaue he is always very critical and caring about topics like security.

AOL was once in a fight for, because it was an appplication that allowed ICQ skinning (a function which the ICQ Team wanted to implement themselves and finally did so in ICQ2003b).

(first source: here. second source and final decision: click). But that was 2001. Since end of 2003 till 2006, the domain leads to ICQ's homepage.

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