Saturday, April 28, 2007

Windows Vista X64 / RealTek / Flash / Logitech webcam / ICQ 6 / Midi

There are quite some people who experience ICQ 6 being slow, or Flash being slow and having breaks and whatnot, and Adobe even released a new version as written on the ITsVista Blog.

I am almost very sure that the problem is connected with the Windows Vista X64 drivers, RealTek released and which are also downloaded and installed from Microsoft Update once you run it on a fresh Windows Vista X64 installation.

By the history of this driver, you can follow definate changes in behaviour of your Vista installation once you run certain stuff playing sound.

Yet the RealTek drivers (on-board sound) seem to cause the following problems:

-MIDI files shudder, have breaks and do not play fluently in most situations

-Flash causes 100% CPU load in Opera, 88%-90% CPU load in IE7 (thanks to the new update of Flash as mentioned above)

-The driver/app component of the Logitech QuickCam software cause 100% CPU load when speaking into the micrphone while speaking in Skype (before the latest cam software, it was both ways) - Logitech is working on fixing this issue 100% since February (they have fixed it 50% so now I am waiting since 2 months for them to fix it when using webcam/mic in Skype, too).

I am trying since months to get a respond on this from RealTek so they would at least acknolegde, confirm, try to fix/improve the bug/problems in their driver or anything like that.
Years ago, I also tried to get in touch with them and they didn't give a reply either.

I wonder whether any RealTek representative/worker will read this and do something about it!

Nvidia is also not better really. I reported the fact that their nForce4 chipset driver make my system incredibly slow!

After a couple of replies and me explaining the reasons, they simply closed my ticket.

Among the best support is really Logitech (just they take ages to fix the bugs I report/reported but at least they fix them!) and ATI USA.

ATI USA support is quick, helpful and they have fixed all the bugs I ever reported about their drivers in Windows Vista X64!

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