Monday, April 30, 2007

Technorati tries to improve support (again): Technorati Forum

Technorati tries again to imptove their support. This time they opened a forum.

Probably their plan is to drag more users to the forums and asking for help for their problems instead of contacting them directly.

Which is actually a good idea. Theit try to help me with a wrongly indexed post with my "Blogger in Beta" blog (this blog here just transformed to blogger in beta when it was still in beta) ended up in a "we don't know" disaster and then just stopping to answer me.

Technorati tries hard to be nice but they are too much of a huge company and too few people behind to get the millions of user under control.

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Mr. Dew said...

By the way, have you upgraded this blog to the latest Blogger? Are you using widgets and stuff right now?

Nafcom said...

@Mr. Dew: Yes, I did update, but no I am not using widgets, etc. To get the new template looking the way I want it is impossible :(