Thursday, April 26, 2007

SPH101 Firmware – T-Mobile HotSpot for US Version (Beta)

Netgear released a firmware for T-Mobile (in USA only) login support for the SPH101.
As we remember the earlier firmware was not that useful, so looks like they have fixed it.

A quote from the site:

"Published: Mar 29, 2007.

Enhancements / New Features:
This new firmware provides the ability to login to T-Mobile hot spots within the continental United States using the Skype WiFi Phone (SPH101).
You can not log into any T-Mobile hot spots outside United States.
You should have already established an account with T-Mobile to be able to use this feature on SPH101. You cannot create a T-Mobile account using the SPH101.

How to use the T-Mobile features on SPH101?

After you have completed the upgrade procedure described below, follow: Instructions to login/logout of T-Mobile account on your SPH101."

Hope they will also do it for other country's T-Mobile Hotspots, too! :)

Note, it's beta, so it still may have bugs!

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