Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Skype API evolution: Call transfer

And once again a quote from the Skype Dev Newsletter I just received a couple of minutes ago:

I suppose I should start by stating who I am what I do. My name is Morné van Dalen and I am a technical project manager in the Windows desktop team at Skype. And yes, you guessed it: For my sins Call Transfer is one of my projects and it is earmarked for the future release of Skype for Windows.
This feature has been one of the most requested/anticipated features for a long time, so it is important for us to make sure we get it right. We want to be able to offer a feature that not only matches functionality available on your landline or mobile, but be able to deliver an even better experience. That seems like a tall order, so how are we going to do it?
Functionality: between Call forwarding and Call transfer (read more)
Transfer methods: Direct transfer or Screening transfer (read more)
Which calls can be transferred?

*Skype to Skype (P2P)
*Skype to SkypeOut (P2P to SipOut)
*SkypeIn to Skype (SipIn to P2P)
*SkypeIn to SkypeOut (SipIn to SipOut)
*Skype to Group
*SkypeIn to Group

Will it be available to everyone? No. (read more)
Integrating with existing functionalityThere should be no problems integrating with existing functionality like call Forward and Voicemail. (read more)
Integrating with our developer partners/community
All the functionality is available via the Skype API. The restrictions on functionality available to SkypePro users still apply, as this “privilege” is verified on the back end, the library & the client UI. In fact the Skype to Skype capability has been in the API for a while now and people like Don Kennedy have already been playing with this feature.


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