Saturday, April 07, 2007

Netgear's excuse for no X64 drivers

I just found this lame excuse for no X64 drivers from Netgear, found on a Microsoft employee's blog - Brendan Paddock writes:

"Companies with modern products that don’t have 64-bit drivers.
Netgear, you suck. And the completely non-sense explanation about what 64-bit is and why you’re too lazy to support it is a total crock. Dual CPUs? Give me a break. Let technical people write your technical articles from now on please. Making an x64 driver isn’t nearly as hard as they make it sound. In fact, it’s harder for video drivers but Nvidia, ATI, and Intel have done fine there. USB network adapter? Cake.

Infact, my experience with Netgear support isn't very good either! :-/

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