Sunday, April 15, 2007

ICQ Xtra: Send free SMS to Israel!

ICQ 5.1 allows now to send free SMS to Israel!

For this you require to have a balence of free SMS. The default SMS balance is appearantly 14 and you can get more free SMS doing either:

1) Sending a SMS to yourself (if you are located in Israel), or

2) Receive SMS from Israel.

Both will give you 8 credits!

Funny thing is that the links at the bottom refer to (I suppose) wrong sites within the ICQ homepage tree.

It's possible to send free SMS to a few other countries and paid SMS to others using localized ICQ 5.1 clients

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5 comments: said...

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Nafcom said... :

Thanks but I saw that adding yourself to the directory is connected to subscribing a newsletter, something I am not interested in, sorry!

Jonas said...

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Anonymous said...

How does ICQ pay for all this free SMS`s? Can I build a server and connect freely to SMSC and provide SMS to my users?


Nafcom said...


Sorry, but I do not know. I do not work for ICQ. Please fill out and send a business inquiry to ICQ: ICQ business inquiries form