Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ICQ 6 final is out!

ICQ 6 Final is out and can be downloaded here, including info on what is new, a history video and the story about the new ICQ soundtrack.

This entry is considerably short, sorry for that.

And for all who miss me on ICQ: Use Skype at the moment, thanks.

My earlier words regarding ICQ 6 can be found here.

I got pinged while I wrote this by Flashboy, thanks for that! :)

Update: My first experiences: It looks nice, from the features a lot gained in comparance to the preview, but it looks like the preview so no new screenshots needed.

The Xtraz are no more in an Xtraz center but accessable from the message session window, the bottom of the contact list, the top and some by right click on a contact in your contact list. This way an intutive operation and accessing on the xtraz is possible and way easier than in ICQ 5.1 but it also lead a lot of users to think that the xtraz are all missing (however only the demo versions of the flash promo singleplayer games are missing) which is of course not true.

The History converter (ICQ 5.1 to ICQ6 in this case) doesn't work correctly yet and missed out 1395 if my 1400 history files.

The new sounds by infected mushrooms are nice, I really like them! (but I am not yet sure whether I will really keep them on).

A lot of features are however still missing and are about to come soon, details about those can be seen on a checklist here

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Nafcom said...

@JonK: I never said that I think ICQ 6 final has a lot of bugs and I don#t think so.

Thanks but I am satisifed with my hoster and the traffic I receive to my blog! :)