Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Vista X64 issues

Yes, Windows Vista X64 has issues, but the ones I experienced lately are caused by not-so-nice drivers.

My experience: When I am installing Nvidia's nforce4 driver, I get a slow system if I use Opera. (100% CPU load). If I use the one before the latest ATI Catalyst & driver package, the ATI Tray icons often won't show up and the Communications_Helper.exe causes 100% CPU load if when any application is playing sound. With the latest Catalyst, this only happens when using the microphone.

Bluetooth is also an issue: The Windows Vista stack is the same/similar to the one in Windows XP SP2, and does not currently support "expensive" stuff like bluetooth headsets. But BlueSoil is working on Vista version and Widcomm released a Vista update. Links are in the forum thread linked above.

Hope this helps.
Please notice also that Hama let me know that they tied various Bluetooth sticks, and some of them do not even work with the default drivers/profiles (keyboard, mouse comes with Vista I assume - The info regarding Bluetooth and Vista supplied by Microsoft is very thin.

Info links:


BlueSoleil Vista info

Widcomm-Update-Software for Vista

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