Thursday, March 08, 2007

Skype Prime

Skype released yesterday a new Beta version featuring a new feature called Skype Prime which is accordingly to the Knowledge Base: "...a new way to share answers and advice anytime and anywhere. Skype users can register as call providers and charge other users to call them and get information. The callers pay for the call service with Skype Credit."

So, this means services that already supported Skype like e.g. BitWine got competition now by Skype's "Skype Prime" service.

More details about this service can be found on Jaanus' Skype Blog. (screenshot taken from Skype Numerology. - news from above mentioned Skype Blog).

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Ivan said...

There is a site that is very useful for Skype Prime providers. Register and start promote you service today.

Nafcom said...

@Ivan: Thanks! Looks good!