Monday, March 12, 2007

Share Google Earth with your friends on Skype

Share Google Earth with your friends on Skype - means realtime travelling the earth with your friend using Skype. This is made possible thanks to a new tool called Unype

(Even Google Earth mentioned it on its blog.

Officially stated are 2000 and XP compatibility but I would not be wondered if it was also working on Windows Vista :)

YouTube also has a demonstration video:

Enjoy! :)

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Andy said...

This looks cool, I'm a new Skype user and I love all the extras/plugins. Thanks for sharing!

Nafcom said...

@Andy: Thank you, glad you like it! Welcome to Skype, enjoy your stay :)

rajani said...

I have gone through website it is very tremendous and helps us to view the world on our PC.recently i had gone through the similar website and i got more information that i had been looking for
google earth

Nafcom said...


Thanks, I am glad you like it, I do my best! :)