Sunday, March 18, 2007

New airbus airplane with nice stuff included

I have found a nice introduction video on YouTube Reviews and I found it nice. Unfortunately it is only meant to take off on national trips inside the US if they get enough support from USA citizens on

I sent them an email and they replied back with some information and the permission to post the email here:

"Hi Joerg,

Thanks for the note.

As an Aussie myself, I hear you on the US-centric stuff except that for
the vote to count in Congress or DOT, the constituents had to be

Hence the voting restrictions.

As for the laptop ports, it's mostly cost... being a domestic airline,
the vast majority of our customers will have US voltage and it's
expensive to do both.

All the best,


It has some nice features like chat, video watching, etc on every seat, so watch the video!

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