Friday, February 23, 2007

Vista: Moving away from Drive Image & Partition Manager to freeware

We all know this, system near prgs will not work anymore, once a new version of Windows is out. I didn't plan to invest money in new prorgram versions and decided to see what the freeware/open source market offers here.

So, the motto is: Vista: Moving away from Drive Image & Partition Manager

As a replacement for Drive Image, I found the free Drive Image XML. Fully Vista compatible. (while Drive Image2002 says the drive is 100% full and then abports with "continue, retry, abort, cancel?).

Unfortuantely, it appears that Drive Image XML has a problem with the Drive Shadowing Service of the 64bit version, so I had to use the boot CD version.

Despite the fact that Vista has its own partition manager, it isn't really very powerful.
(I wanted one that can also merge partitions, etc).

For this, I found GParted, which is a Linux based prg that runs from a Linux Live CD.

Of course both programs fully support USB 2, SATA 1/2 HDDs too (mine were detected!).

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