Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Skype Pro is Out!

Skype Pro is out now!


Special introductory offer.
Skype Pro is the easiest way of getting the most out of Skype – first five months for just €10 (excl. VAT¹).Upgrade to Skype Pro

€10 for five months

Pay nothing per minute to UK landlines².

€30 discount on SkypeIn numbers - people can call you at local rates³.

Includes €5 Skype Credit as a special introductory offer.

Free Skype Voicemail - takes your calls while you’re busy or offline.
Also included
Save €30 on a Philips VoIP 841 cordless phone.
Save €10 on an SMC WiFi phone.
Exclusive discounts on Unyte Desktop Sharing Extra.
Two free animated avatars from CrazyTalk.
Three free ringtones from Emotive.

¹ €11.50 where VAT applies.
² Connection fee and fair usage policies apply.
³ In selected countries."

This offer is available in the countries as listed here.

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