Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Skype got professional support now... for developers.

Let's face it, Skype's Support is not the best. But they have got professional support now... for developers. Quoting Ike's Lifestyle Blog (Who herself quoted Skype's announcement):

"We will guarantee next business day response and three business days resolution, or your request will be handled free of charge. You will also be able to place your premium support requests confidentially."

· Paid support issues are top priority: your issue will be resolved
before work is started on unpaid issues.
· It's pricey, € 300 per incident, half that if you pre-pay for ten.
· It's only through Skype's issue tracker system. No live support.
· And it's just for software developers.

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Liverperson said...

They should really be able to offer livesupport to their customers. There are MANY websites out there that do offer livesupport.

Nafcom said...

They once had live support (at the beginning of Skype instead of the email support they have now) and it was even worse than how the situation is now.