Friday, February 23, 2007

New Skype wi-fi phone: Panasonic KX-WP1050 with wireless router

Skype Gear blogger Stephen Pinches posts a usage experience review about the new Panasonic KX-WP1050 Wi-fi Skype phone with Wireless Travel Router.

It's not like the other Skype wi-fi phones because indeed it comes as a bundle (not very cheap bundle!) with a portable wireless LAN router.

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Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a Skype phone for my home. This one is great but Panasonic needs to fix a few things. First, they should sell the handset separately as an option (something like $99 or less). I have an Apple Airport Base Station and I do not need theirs. Even if I did, I still want to have multiple phones for my several Skype accounts and buying the whole package several times is too expensive. They would sell thousands of handsets if they sold them separately, because this is a great phone. Second, they need to offer a charging cradle/dock. The battery life is very short and it is a hassle to have to hook up the handset to the base station or some computer through USB every other day. Third, they should upgrade the software on the phone so that you can have a list of identities and easily flip between them to check/enable your various accounts. You should also be able to set each identity individually so that no password need be reentered every time you switch to that identity. Overall, a very nice phone but be mindful of the limitations described above, especially as pertains to the charging cradle. I will be waiting for the second iteration before I buy another one. Panasonic, are you listening (there is zero possibility of customer interaction on your black box site)?

Nafcom said...


Thanks, very nice comments, let's hope they will figrure something out and improve the phone in the way you want it. Some things are maybe done by a firmware update later. Well, The Skype software is the Skype software and nothing else. See all the devices, they all have the same GUI and are Skype certified. So Skype Staff will have to work on that