Friday, February 23, 2007

Getting Shockwave 10 to work in Vista 64bit and Opera 9.20

Getting Flash to work in Vista 64bit and Opera 9.20 is no problem (the standalone installer will work).
But Shockwave is a real pain.

Thanks to some help from the Opera Community, I have got to work!

So here is the manual:

1) Disable the windows vista sidepanel (just shut it down!).

2) Then run the Full 64bit installer version

3) Copy all .dll files from systemWOW64 to Opera's plugin folder

4) Extract the 32 bit slim installer version.

5) Copy all .dll and plugin files into the plugin folder of Opera. (overwrite exsisting files).

6) Test your Shockwave installation

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Anonymous said...

This will also work for 64 bit Vista using 32 bit Firefox...only you don't need to install the copy the 32 bit DLL's into the plugins folder. Just run the 64 bit installer, copy all the dll's over and VIOLA!!! Thanks!

Nafcom said...

@ Anonymous: I am glad to hear that my post has helped you! :)

Danny said...

I'm trying to get Shockwave to work in Firefox in 64-bit Vista, have installed the full 64-bit installer above, but not sure what dll's to copy then, or where to copy them? thanks :)

Nafcom said...


Firefox has a plugins folder just like Opera (see firefox FAQ and the .dll files should have fitting names. You can also use the date for help.

Danny said...

Got it - I had to create a 'macromed\shockwave 10' folder within the System 32 folder, then I was able to run the slim installer. Once I'd done that I was able to copy the dll's across to the FF plugins folder and overwrite the ones from the 64-bit installer. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Nafcom said...

@Danny, you are welcome!

However I wonder why you say you had to create such subfolders in System32. I didn't have to do that as you can see in my post