Tuesday, February 06, 2007

directx feb2007 redist = boosting my system

As hardcore games are advanced IT people probably know and agree on, always try to be on the top notch when it comesd to:

-Chipset drivers
-BIOS updare
-Graphic bundles
-Directx Redist.

Me for myself, I am not a hunter of every single frame per second.
I am just happy if things run pretty fast, in a decent speed.

However, after I have installed the directx_feb2007_redist I was baffled about how much fasters certain games like GTR2, NFS Most Wanted, Nascar 2002 run.

If one game would be stuck or unsmoothy on one Widnows installation I would try another. I had to reinstall it several times (because of other reasons). But somehow it seems there was a performance hole, or whatsoever which has nbeen fixed by Miccrosoft just by updating the DirectX 9c installation with that package.

It's awesome!

Suddenly the games rush (and become harder to play, heehe).

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Anonymous said...

DirectX 10 RC2 Fix 2 - a patch to increase the compatibility of new games and programs with Windows XP. And also corrects errors with the launch of games requiring files with DirectX 9.0 and earlier versions of it. Just when there graphics card with support for DX10 makes those options available in the next-generation games that before the installation of these libraries were not available.


Nafcom said...

@ Anonymous : Thanks maybe somebody finds it helpful! :)