Thursday, January 18, 2007

Skype's new calling plan / Skype Pro!

Skype made its earlier statement true; they released today their new calling plan which consists of a connection fee.

Because of this SkypeOut is more expensive now, but not for long! Because coming soon to house is Skype Pro!:

"-€0 per minute calls to national landlines*.
-Free Skype Voicemail.
-€30 off a SkypeIn number.
Also included
-Exclusive discounts on hardware for Skype.
-Up to €15 off the Unyte Desktop Sharing extra.
-Two free avatars from CrazyTalk.
-Two free ringtones from Emotive.

* A connection fee of 3.9 euro cents applies to all SkypeOut calls.

So it will be some kind of nice Skype flatrate! This would mean, for most users, it will probably cheaper than before. (Which would make it a good move then).

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