Saturday, December 16, 2006

Skype standalone wi-fi with browser login support?

A lot of movement in the Skype standalone wi-fi field.

According to this blog entry, the new Skype wi-fi F1PP000GN-SK will be the first phone containing Boingo source code thus enabling it to "make Skype calls in tens of thousands of Boingo hot spots worldwide, including caf├ęs, airports, and hotels" (press release).

Even Skype itself offers Boingo services, calling it Skype Zones.

Now, what has Boingo support to do with web browser based wi-fi logins?
Simple: According to this you can use Boingo from webbrowsers or their software. (At least here goes my guess!).

This would make the air for Netgear's SPH 101 and SMC's WSKP100 thin, since neither of them has a possibility, and SMC's phone has a lot of annoying bugs (which will - according to SMC - be corrected in a firmware update).

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