Monday, December 11, 2006

ICQ 6 Preview Questions & Answers!

The ICQ Team released something new regarding their ICQ 6 Preview release:

The ICQ 6 Preview Questions and Answers. They are very interesting so read them.

The most interesting ones:

"Why the limited registration of users?
Since we are still in the early stages of development of our new client, we only wanted to allow a limited amount of users a look at how a product takes shape.

How can I get the ICQ 6 Preview Version?
We will gradually increase the number of users with time, so we can get an even bigger feel of what our users are looking for. Check out this site on a regular basis to see if new downloads are available.

When will the actual version, ICQ 6.0, be released?
We're aiming for a Spring 2007 release. Stay tuned for updates.

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