Monday, December 04, 2006

ICQ 6 Preview officially out now and ICQ down

Now, I am sitting on the dry, because the whole ICQ community seems to be down. Client threw me out, icq homepage wouldn't let me login and now the ICQ homepage doesn't load up anymore at all.

Well, the ICQ 6 Preview is officially out now and seems like the servers could handle the load of ICQ fans anymore.

I received myself 1 dozen of messages and emails asking me whether I could invite them to test ICQ 6 Preview.

As you can see on the screenshot: Unfortunately, at the moment preview testers can only invite 1 icq user for joining the preview test. And I already used that up for a friend.

The ICQ Team also released a Checklist/Featurelist telling us which features are in, which are missing and which will come soon :)

As you can see my prediction/assumption about a message history improvement seems to be correct. (See also hint by ICQ Bog entry

Apart from the ICQ installation screen, I cannot supply really more sceenshots since everything appears to be down. Since the real preview looks like the leaked one (apart from the fact that they decided to use the ICQ 5.0 emoticons again), check the screenshots on the location mentioned here

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Frangs said...

Please man, send to me an invitate?
my uin is 38231041
if u need my email is

thanks a lot man