Friday, November 24, 2006

SMC vs.. SPH101

SMC vs.. SPH101 which one is better (well the SMC one is like 100 € cheaper)

After I read SMC reviews and this thread, I am happy I invested the extra money for an SPH101:

SMC wi-fi Skype standalone - Skype Forum.

The SPH101 does not have such issues which make the phone barely usable, fortunately! :) I even received my headset today and it works! :) - even for the RTX Dualphone but not on SkypeOut or PSTN line calls, only on Skype2Skype (the first ones cause an echo or constant disturbance noise).

But I originally bought it for the Netgear SPH101 and there it works perfect! =)
It even switches it off if not in use to save battery! :)

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