Monday, November 20, 2006

Headset and Skype Netgear SPH 101

This post is a followup about my Headsets for Dual Phone post.

There are a few unclear things about the new Netgear SPH 101 Skpye Standalone Phone because they are not mentioned anywhwere/everywhere, so let's mention them here:

The phone is available e.g. as IS or GR version at, so what is the difference between the two?

The answer we find here: at

-GR version: German speaking (Germany) packaging and installation manual, partly German graphical user interfaces (depends on product)
-IS version: International version (International Spelling) with manual in German, English, Italian, French, Swedish

Here the answer from Netgear:

"GR and IS are only names thare are given internally from Netgear used for different regions. GR stands for Germany. The products themselves do not differ!


I even got information from Netgear and Sennheiser regaring headset compatibility:

"Good Day,
Please excuse the waiting time.

Sennheiser headsets have been tested by our co-workers including every day usage.

Headsets for the Motorola V226 and E6801 should be compatible, too.

But generally, there is no official compatibility list from Netgear, yet.

Senneheiser's statement:

"Dear Mr. Jörg
I thank you for showing us the interest in our products. The MM-headset with 2,5mm jack is specifically designed for Motorola.
RTX is right I'm afraid and what this means is the way everybody have chosen the pinout config. All the jacks are standard in terms of dimensions (2,5/3,5/6,3mm)

About the question whether the Sennheiser MM30 is compatibe:

"Dear Mr. Droege
These models can be found in our selector and that means that it is compatible yes!

Venlig Hilsen / Best Regards

Niels Hostrup
Technical Support Coordinator
Sennheiser Communications A/S

Also important: Forget about the German product info page has errors, e.g. that there is a contact list limit of 200.

Netgear regarding this:

"At unclear information about a product, always the information at the English site is valid (!"

Maybe this headset information will help also with my Headsets for Dual Phone issue, since according to AperorDirect's Howard Chang:

"The headset comes with my old Motorola works just fine. I called the Skype
echo123 test center and passed the test. (The headset is with a 2.5mm 2-ring
- so it could be that it also will work with my Dual Phone! :)

The Sennheiser MM30 should be here soon, then I will post about it again! :)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone still uses their sph101 netgear skype phone, but I do, and I finally found a headset that works!!! I have searched on countless forums and have even purchaced a couple headsets at the reccomendation of other users, only to be dissapointed when they didn't work.
today i walked into my local wireless store and got a Mybat headset that actually works.
the company is Mybat wireless accessories, and the headset is stereo. It is listed as compatible with:
and others....LG-LX290
anyway, it works great. i don't have to restart the phone to make it work, and the people i talk to don't complain about background noise. i hope this helps some people out there.
the product code on the packaging is: 168HDFRST015WP
i googled that and got this link:

i think this is the same headset also:

but i would suggest trying it out at a wireless store in case it doesn't work.

Nafcom said...

@Anonymous: This is definately helpful, thank you very much :)