Sunday, October 01, 2006

Frinkkin' horrible MySpaceIM

Sidenote: You can reach me on MySpaceIM adding "nafcom" or see other ways to contact me.

I have just learned by accident that MySpace has got an own instant messanger.
This instant messanger is a frikkin' horrible one which can be found and downloaded at

Disadvantages I have found so far:

-No ClearType support
-Links do not work (that includes the buttons within the program itself!) if default browser is not MSIE!
-Message History has no date & time stamp!

Now I am only waiting for Orkut to provide some better IM! :D

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Anonymous said...

What a terrible review. MSIE sucks. Who wants that as their default browser?

Nafcom said...


Right. Well, the review is a bit old already, maybe newer versions are nicer already. Also since they will be compatible with Skype soon, I think it will improve definately