Saturday, September 09, 2006

Security Hole in ICQ2003b

There are many good reasons to stop using the old, obsolete discontinued ICQ2003b anymore.

Now you have got a new reason, because according to this, there has been found a new previously unknown vulnerability recently which allows to crash somebody's else and potential dangerous code could be intrude into the victim's PC.

The reaply from the ICQ Team and/or AIM regarding this:

"AOL has recently been made aware of a vulnerability in the ICQ 2003b
client build #3916. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability may
allow an attacker to remotely execute commands.

AOL and ICQ recommend that users upgrade to the latest version of the
ICQ client: ICQ 5.1"
(taken from the above linked source)

Of course that was to be espected since ICQ2003b is no longer developed, as people can also read in the Expert Chat.

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