Friday, September 29, 2006

SAT 1 German ICQ 5.1 client

Pro7 was first, SAT1 is next.

What am I speaking about? A localized ICQ 5.1 (German) with branded Xtraz for the SAT 1 Community.

So, what do they offer? (See screenshot above, too):

-Sat.1 | ICQ Soccer Xtra:

News about the latest happenings in the German Soccer League and the UEFA Champions League and the ability to take part in the Soccer Lottery.

-Connect 4 Xtra:

Play Connect 4 on ICQ with your friends.

-Sudoku Xtra:

Play Sudoku on ICQ with your friends.

-Sat.1 | ICQ Welcome Screen:

Get an Sat1 Welcome Screen on ICQ that keeps you updated about Lifestyle and Emotions (hollywood stars, fashion trends & shopping).

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