Wednesday, September 27, 2006

LG Support over here sucks!

LG Support over here sucks!

Because I went to the supermarket recently and bought a package DVD-Rs. So far so good, as soon as I tried to burn them, any burn prg I used aborted with errors!
Until I have figured out, it's just the media.

So, I asked LG support whether the problem is known and whether they have a firmware update that could expand the speed recognization and support of optical media.

Their reply:

"Please use LG,Sony,
Verbatim,TDK,Ricoh,Maxell,Philips ect.

So I told them that they have avoided my question and asked them to give me an answer according to my question.

Their reply: "
use LG,Sony,
Verbatim,TDK,Ricoh,Maxell,Philips are recommended by us

Of course they have no support line and at the normal phone number nobody answered the ringing phone.

Then I remembered that Skype allows to call toll-free numbers from abroad (what I cannot do here) to Taiwan, France, Poland, UK and USA. So I decided to call the LG USA Support instead who answered my questions on the phone very accurate, friendly and nice!

Now I have applied the firmware which I found luckily here (download link points directly to the files on the LG servers!).

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