Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Updated to Blogger in Beta service!

I was today allowed to switch to Blogger in Beta!
(Big thanks to the Blogger Support for allowing me to switch my account to Blogger in Beta!).

A list of all new feautes can be found here. Among the new features is also labeling which means you no longer have to rely on categories hacks or crappy services like Labelr! :)

I have done a slideshow with screenshots of the new Blogger in Beta.

The Blogger Team themselves made a tour, also an entry in their Blogger Buzz blog can be read.

Unfortunately classical template editing is not available as of yet, that's why I was unable to keep my template switched to the new customizedable version!

Anyway, great work, cannot wait till you re-enabled classical template editing so I can completely switch my blog! =)

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