Thursday, August 03, 2006

Opera 9.01 has been released!

Opera 9.01 has been released!
Download it!

From the changelog:

Changes Since Opera 9.0
User interface:

-Solved problems with error console popping up unrequested. Console Filter setting in opera.ini has been renamed to Error Console Filter.
-Newsfeeds can be renamed again.
-Right-click to save images no longer puts the file in the list of transfers.
-Fixed problems with setting external source viewer path. Preference field no longer requires quotation marks if containing spaces.
-Solved issue where Opera would get focus, but elements would not be activated when clicked while Opera was in background.
-Search field now shows dropdown when using the down arrow key.
-Using search from right-click menu remembers the last search engine used.
-"Find" and "Find next" options no longer grayed out in source viewer "Edit" menu.
-Typed-in history now disabled and cleared with visited history in preferences.
Mail, messaging, and newsfeeds
-Multiple IMAP backend improvements and bug fixes.
-Improved speed in handling filters with large number of messages.
-Fixed problem with recognition of uuencoded attachments.
-Changed quoting colors in mail for improved readability/accessibility.

Display and scripting:

-Solved letter-spacing issue in form fields when using zoom.
-Fixed problem with some Chinese sites where clicking any link would trigger language-switching script.
-Fixes to contenteditable support.
-Fixed scripting issue causing embedded content not to appear.
-META refresh works with javascript: URIs again.
-Allow forms to be submitted if the default value of their inputs exceeds their own maxlength.
-Solved problems logging on to the Internet banking services of Volksbank Raiffeisenbank.
-XSLT: Added support for exls:node-set function.
-DOM: Added support for range.intersectsNode.

Plug-ins and Java:

-Allow Flash from other domain to access script in page; fixes problems with sites where Flash pop-ups cannot be closed.
-Fixed problems with direct embedding of URLs using the MMS and RTSP protocols causing some Web radios and media players to fail.
-Fixed bug where Java Applet did not load when width and height set to 0.
-Fixed problem where some Flash pages would not prompt users missing Flash to install.


-Multiple stability improvements. Fixes include issue described in this Opera advisory.
-Solved refresh problem causing some frames pages to turn blank.
-HTTP accept language now stated correctly, works with Hotmail and other localized Web services again.
-Fixed automatic saving of cookies.
-Solved upload problems with Imageshack and similar services.
-Improved compatibility with Adobe Type Manager and better handling of large quantities of installed fonts.

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