Sunday, August 20, 2006

No more popups!

No more popups!

Yep, they are gone! Some visitors of my blog using MSIE or Firefox complained about popups that appeared when reading my blog! (But I never saw them in Opera =) ).

I have finally found out why they appeard, the link exchange service Link2Blogs had created them! So, I will miss the 147 visitors I received through their service NOT! I prefer that my visitors have an undisturbed visit of my blog!

Sorry that it took that long!

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Mr. Dew said...

I didn't see the popups too. I usually view your blog in Opera. But it doesn't show up in IE too I think. I guess I blocked quite a lot of advertisement sites.

Nafcom said...

@Mr Dew: This is correct: Some services use dirty tricks to display pop ups ir in-frame banners that are not compatible with Opera.

I still see a "it.tracker" pop up now and then in MSIE but I couldn't track down yet what is causing this (sorry). Once classical template editing is back in Blogger in Beta, and a few bugs in the template style wizard are fixed, I can put every bit in removeable blocks when I copy and paste the old template's sitepanel to the new system. I guess due to those problems I have to wait till the new Bloggr is out of beta.
But the blocks will allow me to enable every code bit by bit to find out which port is causing the it.blah popup.

I am helpful for any info, though.