Monday, August 14, 2006

I took a dump...on BlogDumps!

Nowadays, one after another good blogs related exchanges seem die like dropping flies.

Rarely a new likewise service opens its doors. But somtimes, the exception proves the rule, and one of such exceptions is the BlogDump Exchange.

Blog related services have one problem by nature: Either its admin is too busy and cannot handle all requests and incoming emails or the service is so big that the company's customer support devision is helpless overthrown and lack of manpower.

BlogDumps however is administrated by Wolfbernz (email) who seems to have the time to keep the service running in a very good way.

He writes the following about his service:

"I had this crazy Idea to create a Blog links site that would be simple to use and help create links to all the different Blogs and have some fun at the same time. I am hoping all who know me From Wrongblog will join in and those who don’t know me. Welcome!"

According to his Technorati profile & ranking it seems that he is a pretty known person in the Blogosphere. :)

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