Sunday, July 16, 2006

Voice Emotion - Makes your talks funny

As promised earlier in my forum, here comes the post about Voice Emotion.

It's a program tha allows you to play emtions & music while you talk, for some applications there is even a recording function.

Supported are Skype, AIM / AIM Triton, Gtalk, Msn, Yahoo Messenger, QQ (there is even an English version of the client available :) ), and last but not least, Windows Live Messenger.

ICQ is currently not supported, but ICQ allows sound emotions already anyway, thanks to its Push-To-Talk Xtra! 8-)

Sorry that it took that long until this blog entry, but earlier versions were really horrible and music and emotions would not play properly at all and it would even crash Skype once you have opened Voice Emotions.

So, the way it works is simple. You have to first startup Voice Emotion and then run the Skype, otherwise it won't work. The recording feature is not available for Skype, unforrtunately so you have to use a Skype Extra for this!

Anyway, you just select the file as emotion or a music file and then press on play and you and all the call participants will hear what you played! That's already all about it! It works pretty much like a rudimentary music player! :)


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